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Road Paving

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There are 225 miles of dirt roads that are maintained by the County.  The County funds approximately $500,000 of dirt road paving projects.  Evaluation criteria was developed to rank the paving candidates. Ten criteria’s were developed to rank the projects.  The criteria are:

  • Average Annual Maintenance Costs;
  • Right of way width;
  • Minimum Graded width;
  • Average Daily Traffic;
  • Drainage Issues;
  • Bus Route;
  • Public Facilities; Service Request Frequency;
  • Paving Difficulty;
  • Construction Cost;
  • Number of Driveways per mile

The categories are weighted by importance with the high total score being the top candidate. Each year new request are added and the entire list is re-evaluated. The list of paving candidates is submitted to the Board of County Commissioners each year for review and approval.

Dirt Road Paving Candidates