Upcoming Bids

Construction Engineering Inspection for Atlantis Drive

This RFQ will provide professional construction engineering inspection services for Atlantis Drive.  For more information, contact Daniel.Eisman@claycountygov.com



Atlantis Drive Construction

This bid will provide the construction of Atlantis Drive.  For more information, contact Daniel Eisman at Daniel.Eisman@claycountygov.com.


SHIP Demolition and Reconstruction Project – Almond Court

This bid will provide demolition and reconstruction of house on Almond Court.  For more information, contact Theresa Sumner, 904-541-5831 or theresa.sumner@claycountygov.com

Oakleaf High School Hurricane Retrofit 2019

This bid will provide retrofit of Oakleaf High School  For more information, contact Maria Haney, Public Safety, 904-541-2770 or maria.haney@claycountygov.com

Continuous Traffic Signal Maintenance and Emergency Repair

This bid will provide traffic signal maintenance and emergency repair.  For more information, contact Daniel Eisman, 904-529-3826 or daniel.eisman@claycountygov.com