Rehabilitation Assistance

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Rehabilitation Brochure
  • SHIP funds will be used in this program for qualified owners whose homes are in need of repair.  This program is only for home owners whose income is classified as very-low or low.  The applicant(s) must have owned and resided in the home for one (1) year prior to application.
  • Repairs can be made to correct safety code violations, health/sanitary problems, & interior/exterior damage or deterioration.
  • Repairs made include but not limited to:  Roofs, electric, plumbing, heating, ceiling and wall repair, sewer, floors, etc.
  • Rehabilitation loans will be a due-on-sale loan with no interest, no monthly payment.  Grants will be made to eligible recipients with special needs.  "Special Needs" is defined as those individuals age sixty-two (62) and above or physically handicapped or disabled. Disability will be determined in accordance with the Local Housing Assistance Plan.
  • Homeowner has not received SHIP rehabilitation during the previous five (5) years