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About Us

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Purpose: The purpose of the Clay County Purchasing Division is to obtain those commodities and services required by the various departments of Clay County, in the proper quantity, of the proper value, within the time required, and most importantly, at the best economic value for the taxpayers of Clay County.

The Clay County Board of Public Instruction, various municipalities within the County, and those other duly elected officials within Clay County, are independent of the Clay County Board of Commissioners.  These agencies/municipalities have their own purchasing departments and systems of procurement, however have the opportunity and authority to make purchases from existing County contracts and may participate in various procurement activities with the County.

Purchasing Procedures: Specific procurement requirements and procedures have been established by the Board of County Commissioners, and can be found in the Clay County Purchasing Procedures Manual which can be accessed through this site.

Methods of Procurement:The process of procuring commodities and/or services is initiated by each individual Department utilizing the procedures established by the Purchasing Procedures Manual.

Contracts for the purchase of any commodities or services may only be signed by the Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners and/or the County Manager as may be applicable.

Cooperative Purchases:The County may purchase from established State of Florida contracts, public auctions, other political and municipal entities, and other cooperative purchasing contracts without the requirement to solicit quotations, bids, or proposals, provided that the entity has met the guidelines established in the Clay County Purchasing Manual.

Payment Information:All payments will be made in accordance with the Local Government Prompt Payment Act upon receipt of a proper invoice.

Under the Board’s Purchasing Policy, employees are not authorized to order goods or services without first obtaining a valid purchase order number. The County will not be liable for payment for goods or services that are ordered in violation of this policy.

Vendor Visits: Vendor visits to the Purchasing Division are encouraged as learning opportunities for both parties.  Appointments should be made with the appropriate staff member, however, we shall always try to accommodate unscheduled visits.


Clay County is exempt from the payment of sales and use tax on the purchase or lease of tangible personal property.