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When phoned-in mosquito service requests are confirmed by trap counts of 25 or more mosquitoes per night, per trap, or increased landing rate counts verify an increase in the adult mosquito population, ULV spray trucks are scheduled to be dispatched to the area and surrounding neighborhoods.

Clay County Mosquito Control provides ULV night-time spraying on public property such as roads, playgrounds, etc. and county recognized private roads.  We are not permitted to spray private driveways or private property.   

We spray between sundown and dawn when most mosquitoes are flying, but most bees have gone safely back inside their hives and butterflies have returned to their resting spots high in the tree tops. Clay County Mosquito Control sprays with an EPA approved, environmentally friendly Permethrin based Aqua Reslin.  Permethrin is derived from the oil of Chrysanthemum buds.

All Mosquito Control spray applications are GPS tracked and mapped by truck number, driver, type and amount of chemical used, speed of truck, day of month, time of day.