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Data Downloads

DISCLAIMER: Information from the Clay County Geographic Information System is provided for general reference purposes only and is not to be construed as a survey or legal document. Errors from non-coincidence of features from different sources may be present. The Clay County Geographic Information System makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the information provided herein is current and accurate. However, Clay County provides no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of this data for any particular use or purpose. Clay County assumes no liability whatsoever associated with the use or misuse of such data.

Welcome to the Clay County Data Download Site. This download site is a collection of data layers from our GIS Data Library, which are downloadable in shapefile format. The purpose of this site is to provide access to the GIS Data for agencies, businesses, and the general public to support making better informed decisions. The individual files that make up each data layer are compressed and stored as a .zip file for faster downloading. The .zip file can be uncompressed after downloading using WinZip or other Windows-based utilities.

 Road  Shapefile  Metadata 03/02/2020
 2.73 Mb
 FLUM  Shapefile  Metadata 03/02/2020
 17.47 Mb
 Zoning  Shapefile  Metadata 03/02/2020
 21.03 Mb
County Boundary
Shapefile  Metadata 01/14/10
 27.75 Kb
Subdivision Boundary Shapefile  Metadata 03/02/2020
 4.17 Mb
Commissioner Districts  Shapefile  Metadata 01/04/17
 145.06 Kb
Zip Code Boundary   Shapefile  Metadata 01/30/2020
179.26 Kb
Municipal Limit  Shapefile  Metadata 10/09/15  41.21 Kb
 Boat Ramp  Shapefile  Metadata  01/14/10  13.03 Kb
 Cemetery  Shapefile  Metadata  05/01/12 17.33 Kb 
 Fire Stations  Shapefile  Metadata  12/18/18 6.55 Kb 
 General Points of Interest  Shapefile  Metadata  04/01/18  32.7 Kb
 Schools  Shapefile  Metadata 11/06/18  20.49 Kb
Creek  Shapefile  Metadata 01/07/2020
 2 Mb
Ponds  Shapefile  Metadata 03/02/2020
1.47 Mb 
Water   Shapefile  Metadata 01/07/2020
 1.7 Mb
1 Ft Contours - Partial County  Shapefile  Metadata 03/30/10  434.78 Mb 
 Road  Shapefile  Metadata 03/02/2020
 2.73 Mb
 Railroad  Shapefile  Metadata 07/22/13  30.18 Kb 
 Airport  Shapefile  Metadata 01/07/2020  16.7 Kb