Unincorporated Area Service Standards

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Areas outside the Towns of Orange Park and Penney Farms and the Cities of Keystone Heights and Green Cove Springs

A trip to a Clay County Environmental Convenience Center (ECC) each week can take up a lot of your valuable time. A trip to the curb, however, is a lot easier and much less time consuming. Curbside collection service allows you the convenience of putting out garbage, yard trash, recycling, and bulky items and having it picked up in front of your home.

The unincorporated area of Clay County is serviced by Advanced Disposal Services. They collect garbage, yard trash, and recyclables (they provide bins for recyclables) and also collect certain bulky items. These services are paid for through assessments on annual tax bills (beginning 10/1/07).

For information about days of service and other details please call:

Advanced Disposal Services
Toll free 1-866-779-2529

Internet at: www.advanceddisposal.com

Or you may contact Clay County Department of Environmental Services:

904-284-6374 Green Cove Springs area
904-269-6374 Middleburg/Orange park areas
352-473-3711 Ext. 6374 Keystone Heights/Melrose areas

  • All wastes shall be set out no later than 6:00 am on the scheduled service day, but no earlier than 6:00 pm the day before.
  • Solid waste cannot accumulate for more than 7 days without providing for removal and disposal. If you miss your pick-up, you may bring your waste to the Rosemary Hill Solid Waste Management Facility (SWMF) or one of the County’s Environmental Convenience Centers (ECC).
  • All residential waste must be placed at the curb or roadway within 10 feet of the edge of the traveled portion of the road.
  • Residential garbage, grass, and leaves must be in standard garbage cans with tight fitting lids and handles or in sealed plastic bags.  Each container must be free of sharp or jagged edges, with bottom intact and may not exceed 40 gallons or weigh more than 50 pounds. Call your hauler for removal of broken garbage cans.
  • Garbage and yard trash must not be placed over water or gas meters, under low hanging trees, utility wires, or beside mailboxes.
  • For the safety of collection crews, all broken glass must be wrapped in newspaper or in some other protective covering and placed in the garbage.
  • Please call Advanced Disposal Services at 1-866-779-2529 or (904)695-0500 for collection of Bulky items (i.e. large appliances, sleeper sofas) by appointment.

The following items are to be placed in recycling bins provided (one for paper products, one for plastic, glass & cans etc.):

  • (#1- #7) all colors (household use items: deli trays, butter tubs, plastic food and beverage containers). CD’s & CD cases. No antifreeze, oil, or pesticide containers, please! No antifreeze, oil, or pesticide containers, please!
  • Glass (brown, clear, and green) bottles and jars
  • Metal and aluminum cans
  • Corrugated cardboard and paperboard (flattened and no larger than 2’ x 3’), newspaper, magazines and catalogs.
  • Milk/creamer cartons, soup & broth cartons, and juice boxes
  • Brown paper bags should be placed inside the recycling bin or may be filled with additional recyclables.
  • When recycling bins reach capacity, place additional recyclables beside the bin in brown paper bags. Use bins only for recycling. Contact your hauler if you need an additional bin.
  • Yard waste is collected separately from garbage. Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, shrub trimmings, palm fronds, and tree limbs. They may be no more than 4’ in length and stacked in neat piles. Collection of containerized yard waste is unlimited.  Yard waste that is not placed in a container is limited to 5 cubic yards per week (approximately a pickup truck load) with no single item weighing more than 50 pounds.
  • Construction and demolition debris (C&D), including carpet, is collected along with garbage and is limited to 1 cubic yard per week (approximately 6 bags). No one piece may be longer than 4’ nor weigh more than 50 pounds.  C & D should be containerized when practical.
  • Waste tires are not collected curbside. Up to 4 tires (no more than 16.5" rim size) can be taken to any of the County’s ECCs each day. If you have more, or larger tires, they must be taken to the Rosemary Hill SWMF.
  • Automotive parts are not accepted at any location. Please call your nearest scrap dealer/junk yard for proper disposal.
  • Residential household hazardous waste, household chemicals, pesticides, paint, empty 55-gallon and larger drums (emptied and open for inspection), and propane gas tanks are accepted at the Rosemary Hill Household Hazardous Waste Center only. The Center is open Monday thru Saturday, 7:30 am until 5:30 pm. Call (904) 284/269-6374, (904) 533-2111 Ext. 6374, or (352) 473-3711, ext. 6374.  Please refer to Rosemary Hill Solid Waste Management Facility for directions and hours of operation.
  • Medical sharps, like needles and syringes used in home health care, may be contaminated with disease-causing germs and viruses. These wastes must be handled in specially labeled containers. Clay County’s Sharps Disposal Program can help you dispose of these wastes. Call (904) 529-2800.

Following are service standards for residential garbage, trash, and recyclables service:
Advanced Disposal,  Inc. provides all your curbside services. If you have any questions concerning pick-up, please call them at 1(866) 779-2529 or (904) 695-0500.

  • Don’t overload! No single garbage can or bag can weigh more than 40 pounds. Cans must have handles and lids. They must also be free of jagged edges.
  • Place waste at the curbside, about 3’ – 5’ from the street.
  • Yard trash, such as grass clippings, leaves, twigs, and small limbs, should be containerized. Garbage cans, boxes, or bags may be used. A can, box, or bag cannot weigh more than 40 pounds. Items must not exceed 12" out of the container. Branches should be no more than 6" in diameter. Tie branches in bundles that do not exceed 5’ in length or weigh more than 40 pounds.
  • Do not stack over water or gas meters.
  • Appliances, furniture, etc. are considered Special Waste. Please call Advanced Disposal to make an appointment to have these items picked up.
  • Pursuant to Florida Statute 823.07(2), it is unlawful to discard or to permit to be abandoned or discarded on premises under his or her control any icebox, refrigerator, deep-freeze locker, clothes washer, clothes dryer, or similar airtight unit having an interior storage capacity of 1 1/2 cubic feet or more from with the door has not been removed.
  • Recycling – refer to Recycling Services – Unincorporated Area. Your recyclables are delivered to the Rosemary Hill SWMF for processing.
  • Household hazardous waste – The City will not pick-up certain special/hazardous waste. Items such as automotive parts, tires, chemicals, pesticides, or paint. These items require special handling and must be taken to the Rosemary Hill SWMF for proper disposal. Refer to Household Hazardous Waste Disposal for more information.