For information on COVID-19 visit The Clay County BCC Administration Building offices are limited access by appointment only, to make an appointment call 904-284-6300.

Environmental Convenience Centers

Originally designed as garbage collection points for rural areas, Clay County’s ECCs have become more and more congested, especially on Saturdays, due to an influx of new residents. The county encourages the use of the ECC’s only as a back up to the curbside collection services, and for the disposal of special wastes (e-waste, motor and cooking oils, auto tires, and batteries). Disposal of commercial waste at the ECC’s is prohibited. The following sites are for use by single-family homes within the unincorporated area of the County, the City of Green Cove Springs,  the Town of Orange Park, and the City of Keystone Heights:

These sites are open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

 Facility Name
Clay Hill
5869 County Road 218
Middleburg, FL 32068
(904) 284-6374
 No yard trash accepted.
 Doctors Inlet
288 Sleepy Hollow Road
Middleburg, FL 32068
 (904) 284-6374 Yard trash accepted.
Keystone Heights
 5505 County Road 214
Keystone Heights, FL 32656
 (904) 284-6374 Yard trash accepted.  
 Long Bay
 1589 Long Bay Road
Middleburg, FL 32068
 (904) 284-6374  No yard trash accepted. 


Attendant Has the Right to Ask for Proof of Residency
These sites are not for use by residents of the Town of Penney Farms. Penney Farms residents must take all waste to the Rosemary Hill SWMF and pay according to the type of material disposed of (see Rosemary Hill Solid Waste Management Facility (SWMF)) for more information.

Any quantity greater than shown below, or prohibited material, must be delivered to the Rosemary Hill Solid Waste Management Facility.

Disposal limits at the ECCs are as follows:

(Any combination of the following, not to exceed 1.5 cubic yards per day (up to the equivalent of one pick up truck load)

  • No more than ten 32-gallon containers of waste or equivalent volume (including yard trash).
  • No more than 5 gallons of used cooking oils, motor oils, in sealed containers.
  • No more than 1 large piece of furniture, placed in the designated area.
  • No empty "LIQUIDS TYPE" container larger than 5 gallons.
  • No more than 1 appliance (refrigerator, washer, dryer, stove, water heater, freezer).  Pursuant to Florida Statute 823.0792, it is unlawful for any person knowingly to abandon or discard or to permit to be abandoned or discarded on premises under his or her control any icebox, refrigerator, deep-freeze locker, clothes washer, clothes dryer, or similar airtight unit having an interior storage capacity of 1 1/2 cubic feet or more from which the door has not been removed.
  • No burned material.
  • No dirt, rock, concrete, asphalt, or roofing.
  • Construction or demolition debris, including carpet, is limited to 1 cubic yard (placed in the designated area). No one piece may be longer than 4’ nor weigh more than 50 pounds.
  • No automobile, motorcycle or similar equipment parts (bodies, motors, transmissions, etc.).
  • Bulky items must be broken down or flattened and placed in the designated area.
  • No more than 4 car or truck tires (no larger than 22" rim size) per month. Semi truck tires must be taken to the Rosemary Hill SWMF.
  • Yard waste acceptance is limited to the Doctors Inlet & Keystone Heights location only. Yard waste includes grass clippings, bagged leaves, shrub trimmings, palm fronds, and tree limbs. Limbs can be no more than 4’ long and 6" in diameter.  Not to exceed 1.5 cubic yards per day.  Land clearing debris and loose material must be delivered to the Rosemary Hill SWMF.
  • Red bags medical sharps, like needles and syringes used in home health care, may be contaminated with disease-causing germs and viruses. These must be handled in specially labeled containers. Clay County’s Sharps Disposal Program can help you dispose of these wastes. Please call (904) 529-2800 for more information.
  • Residential household waste, household chemicals, pesticides, paint, empty 55-gallon drums, and propane gas tanks are accepted at the Rosemary Hill Household Hazardous Waste Center.  Please refer to Rosemary Hill Solid Waste Management Facility for directions and hours of operation.
  • No scrapping of any type of material.