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The Board of County Commissioners has set specific policies regarding how Code Enforcement cases are to be handled. They are:

  1. Complaints will be accepted only with a violation/complaint form If you wish to submit pictures as evidence with your application, you must include an affidavit of evidence. Download the affidavit here:Affidavit of Evidence
  2. Cases will not be sent to the Special Magistrate until they have been pending at least two months or until the BCC directs that they be considered earlier.
  3. If citizens who have accrued fines want to request a lien reduction, they must present their own case to the BCC. Staff will offer a written recommendation, but will not present the case.
  4. Code Enforcement typically receives 10-15 research requests per day from real estate agents, title insurance agents and other regarding pending cases on properties. A fee of $10 per request is charged for this service.