Inspectors Contact Information

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In an effort to improve customer service, the inspectors' cell numbers are listed below.  The intent of giving out the phone numbers is for added convenience and to save time for both you and the Inspector. Please be considerate of the inspector's time when calling.  Do not call to ask “Can you move my inspection up on the list?' The inspector has a route to run and schedules his workload, so he can complete all inspections. Keep in mind that it is county policy not to use the cell phone while driving, so you may need to leave a message.  The message can be for a lockbox code, specific location for the approved plans or similar type information, but not a request for a time of inspection.

Please do not call for issues that can be resolved by looking on our website such as, “Did my inspection pass?”  Do not call the inspector after hours (4:00 p.m.) or weekends/holidays. The inspectors have the authority to not return calls to someone who abuses these policies.


Phone Number

Chet Barr  (904) 497-3771
Mike Brooks  (904) 509-9739
Mike Geiger  (904) 509-9732
Marty Kennett  (904) 509-9730
James Kolosky  (904) 315-3433
Pat McQuiston  (904) 509-9741
Anthony Roseberry
 (904) 591-3267
Steve Schoeff
  (904) 509-9724 
Ernest Terry
 (904) 497-3773