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Online Inspections Instructions for INSPECTION SEARCH BELOW:

•    Enter your permit number
•    Select Scheduler View
•    Select the permit number from the drop down box
•    Select the date for the inspection
•    Select the type of inspection from the drop down box that lists all inspections available for that permit
•    Save Inspection.  You will receive a confirmation once the inspection is scheduled.
If you have multiple trades please schedule each trade on a framing or final

On the scheduled day, your inspector's name will be listed on the right side of the inspection line of the inspection view screen below. If you would like to know the time of your inspection, please call 904-269-6307 the day of your inspection between 7:45 and 8:30 a.m. and we can connect you with your assigned inspector.

Inspectors’ Contact Information:

In an effort to improve customer service, the below are the inspectors’ cell phone numbers.  Please be considerate of the inspector’s time when calling.  The inspector has a route and schedules his workload please do not call to be moved ‘up’ the list.  Please do not call for issues that can be resolved by looking on the Clay County website.  Do not call after hours or on weekends.  The inspectors have the authority to not return calls to anyone who abuses these policies.

Eric Baxley 904-509-3358
Mike Brooks 904-509-9739
Marty Kennett 904-509-9730
James Kolosky 904-315-3433 
Ernest Terry 904-497-3773             

Steve Schoeff, CBO   904-509-9724
Pat McQuiston, DBO  904-509-9741
Anthony Roseberry  904-591-3267
Fire Marshal