For information on COVID-19 visit our site HERE. County Offices are currently by appointment only please visit our COVID-19 page for more information.  *Clay County Board of County Commissioners will allow limited access to the County buildings, offices and facilities, while operating on an appointment only schedule. Clay County switchboard is available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. at 904-284-6300.*


Foster kitten 


Help us save lives by becoming a foster parent for our program. We need foster parents who are willing to foster animals with different needs such as nursing cats with kittens, nursing dogs with puppies, underage kittens and puppies in need of bottle feeding, dogs and cats recovering from an illness or surgery, etc. Getting these animals out of the shelter and into foster homes helps them thrive and frees space in the shelter up for incoming animals. For more information please email Morgan Grove at or call us at 904-529-4733.

Bow Wow Breakout

Join our Bow Wow Breakout club! Spend the day with one of the happy and fun dogs housed at our shelter. This program is perfect for someone that cannot adopt at the moment but would like to enrich the life of a shelter dog. Sign the dog out of the shelter for the day and go have fun! Both the dog and you will benefit. 

Free Agent Foster Program

Foster families willing to take an animal into their home can pick out an animal that is ready and waiting for adoption. The foster family then works on finding their foster animal a home by attending adoption events, networking, creative marketing, etc. This is a great opportunity to make a big difference for the awesome animals looking for a permanent home.