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Updated Code Interpretations

Post Date:01/31/2020 1:35 PM

Effective for permits obtained as of February 15, 2020:

  1. A device to control thermal expansion will be required for all water heater installations, both new and replacements.
  2. Service, Panel, Service Cable, and Meter Can Changeouts and Upgrades:


    METER SWAP – if like for like no new disconnect OR relocation of disconnect required – double check grounding electrode system though

    PANEL CHANGE – if like for like – AFCI’s not needed (unless new circuits added), GFCI breakers needed only if replacing existing GFI breakers or GFI breakers for pool/spa equipment are missing

    SERVICE CABLE – repair or replace like for like

    SERVICE UPGRADE – Requires main disconnect to be located back to back or outside adjacent to meter can.

*Be advised when relocating main disconnect to exterior, 2 wire dryer & range cables (lacking grounded conductors) will be required to be upgraded at same time. NEC 230.70(A)(1), 230.91, 250.140

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