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Mobile Home Permit

Read the "how to" section below.  Fill out the required application located under the Application section on this webpage.

When completed print out a copy of the application(s) and sign it. Scan the application(s), along with all the other required items and email to:

*All plan scans must be in .PDF Format meeting a minimum of 300 dpi

Permits will be processed and you will receive email confirmation that the permit has been approved or denied. Depending on your method of payment, you will receive the approved plan packet via email if the payment is mailed or couriered in. If you make payment in person, you will receive your permit upon payment.

Payments are accepted online at the Clay County online payment page. You will receive a confirmation email that will let you know that the application has been received and what fees are due. You will enter in the supplied building permit number then your credit card information. Once submitted, an online receipt will be available for your future use.

 Clay County Online Payment Page

If you choose to mail, courier, or make payment in person, please submit pay as follows:

Mailed payments may be sent to:

Clay County Building Division
P.O. Box 1366
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

Couriered or in person payments:

Clay County Building Division
477 Houston Street, 3rd Floor
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

If you have any questions please contact the Clay County Building Division at (904) 269-6307 or email at

How To Obtain Mobile Home Move-On Permits

1. SEPTIC TANK PERMIT or if septic tank is already installed obtain an existing tank letter form the Environmental Health Department located at 301 South West Street, Green Cove Springs FL 32043, 904-529-2840.  

2. Recorded deed that shows ownership of the property, or if the property doesn’t belong to applicant, a copy of the owners deed and a notorized letter of permission allowing applicant to move mobile home on their property.

3. SURVEY OR PLOT PLAN (This may be roughly drawn by you) showing the location of the mobile home on the property. NO LARGER THAN LEGAL SIZE 

4. Two (2) set of foundation and tie down plans including Manufactured Home Installation worksheet. Must be obtained from a licensed installer.

5. Two (2) floor plans of the mobile home.

6. 911 Addressing verification letter obtain from GIS

Bring the above to Clay County Zoning Division for approval of application and driveway permit. Then you will provide all of the above to the Building Division.

The Keystone Heights and Kingsley Lake number are only available after the switchboard opens at 8:00am.

Cost Estimate:

  • Single Wide Mobile Home- $250.00
  • Double Wide Mobile Home- $275.00
  • Triple Wide Mobile Home- $300.00

(There is a 3% surcharge based on the permit fees also)

Electrial Permits:

  • 100AMP- $50.00
  • 150AMP- $60.00
  • 200AMP- $70.00
  • Exisitng Pole with meter $ 35.00

(There is a $4.00 surcharge on the permit fees for electrical)

Skirting of the Mobile home is required by ordinance and is to be completed within 30 days of the final inspection. The inspectors need to see tie down and blocking at time of inspection.

Please call Nancy Parker (904-529-3825) for any impact fee questions.

Well permits are obtained at Environmental Health (address & numbers above)

All applications are available on our website: