Elevation Certificate for Floodplain Development Permits

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 Clay County requires a completed FEMA Elevation Certificate for all construction in the Special Flood Hazard Area. At the time of application for a building permit in the Special Flood Hazard, Area, the Clay County Planning and Zoning Division will require two (2) Elevation Certificates, completed by a licensed Engineer or licensed Surveyor.

Section A:    Owner's name
                     The property location and description
                     Building use

Section B:    NFIP Community Name and Number
                     County and State
                     Flood Insurance Rate Map Panel Number, Suffix, and Index Date
                     Flood Zone(s)
                     * Base Flood Elevation, if applicable.

One Elevation Certificate shall be returned prior to the framing inspection with the applicable portions of Sections A, C, and D completed and certified by a surveyor licensed to practice in the State of Florida. At least two (2) photographs must be attached, as described in the instructions for Item A6. All applicable items in Section C2 must be complete for all site-built buildings, with or without a Base Flood Elevation determined.

The second Elevation Certificate shall be returned when construction is complete and prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy, with Items C2.a), b) if applicable, c) if applicable, d) if applicable, e), f) and g) completed.