Tourist Development Council

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The Tourist Development (TDC) is an advisory committee of the Clay County Board of County Commissioners. The TDC administers funds received from the Tourist Development Tax (TDT) and oversees and recommends ways to promote Clay County as a tourist destination, in full compliance of Florida State Statute 125.0104.

The TDC is comprised of nine (9) members. Six (6) of the nine (9) members must be involved in the tourist industry and of those six (6), not less than three (3), or more than four (4) shall be owners or operators of accommodations, which include, but are not limited to hotels, motels, recreational vehicle parks, short-term rentals, etc.  All members shall be electors of the county.  TDC members serve staggered terms of four (4) years.

The TDC currently meets once per quarter on dates set by the TDC.

Current TDC Members:

Board Seat Term Start Term End Title Board Member Appointed By
Member 2 04/26/2014 04/26/2018 Citizen Olson, Robert (Bob) Conkey, Doug
Member 6 07/26/2014 07/26/2018 Hotel Sickles, Pat Conkey, Doug
Member 7 02/10/2015 03/09/2019 Hotel White, Kathy Robinson, Ronnie
Member 5 07/26/2015 07/26/2019 Citizen Mosley, Kelly Robinson, Ronnie
Member 4 01/09/2016 01/09/2020 Citizen Matthews, Marina Rollins, Gavin
Member 8 02/12/2016 03/12/2020 Municipal Appointment Hart, Steve City of Keystone Heights
Member 1 11/10/2016 07/26/2018 Member 1, Municipal Appointment Thomas, Connie Town of Orange Park Council
Member 3 03/14/2017 07/26/2019 Hotelier Appointment Hill, Susan Cella, Mike