Business Waste Disposal


All waste generated by businesses must be disposed at the Rosemary Hill SWMF. Waste will be charged based on weight and type of material disposed as follows:

Schedule of Fees
Class I (garbage) $50 per ton $0.50 per 20 lbs.
C & D (building materials) $40 per ton $0.40 per 20 lbs.
Scrap Metal $40 per ton $0.40 per 20 lbs.
Yard Trash (trees, shrubs, etc.) $40 per ton $0.40 per 20 lbs.
Appliances $40 per ton $0.40 per 20 lbs.
Tires (Passenger)
$110 per ton $1.10 per 20 lbs.
Tires OTR
$270 per ton $2.70 per 20 lbs.

Payment may be made with cash or check (with valid I.D.) ONLY.

Prepay Account - If you visit the Rosemary Hill SWMF on a regular basis, you may want to establish a prepay account. This would allow you to post a deposit on a regular basis and draw from the available balance as loads are brought to the facility. Call (904) 284-6374, 269-6374, 533-2111 Ext. 6374, or (352) 473-3711 Ext. 6374 for more information.

The County does not accept business generated hazardous waste.
Please contact the following companies concerning haz-waste disposal:

EQ – The Environmental Quality Company
7202 East 8th Ave. Tampa, FL  33619
(813) 319-3426

Safety Kleen Corp.
161 Industrial Loop S. Orange Park, FL  32068
(904) 264-2607

FCC Environmental
2058 E. 21st St. Jacksonville, FL  32206
(904) 356-5999