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"The Clay County Engineering Department's mission is to provide exemplary service to every citizen, developer, and contractor that we work with as they create an infrastructure that will provide a safe and comfortable community for future generations."

The Engineering Division serves as the primary point of contact for all major development submittals and reviews and approves technical aspects of new subdivisions and new commercial site developments from plat to final plans approval. The Division inspects the construction of new development, and recommends the acceptance of streets and drainage to the Board of County Commissioners. The Division also manages the design and construction of all capital improvement projects funded by the County using a combination of consultants and in-house personnel. In addition to these primary responsibilities, the Division also provides the following services:

  • Processing and recommendations concerning public requests for road closures of county owned rights-of-way
  • Permitting and supervision of all utility work perfomed within the County ROW
  • Implementation of the Federal Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP) MS4 permit program compliance
  • Implementation of FDEP’s Total Maximum Daily Load program compliance
  • Coordination of grant applications with various agencies

To report and illicit discharge, please contact the Engineering office at (904) 269-6301

Current Projects Under Development

Excelicon.png  Construction Project Status Report

Excelicon.png  Engineering Project Status Report