Single Family Dwelling Permit

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Submission Process

Submit a completed, signed and notarized, building permit application along with the following documentation.  The building permit application is located under the Forms section below.

  1. A copy of the recorded deed showing ownership of the property. You can obtain a copy of your deed from the Recording Department in the Clay County Courthouse or by visiting the Clerk of the Court’s website at


  2. Two (2) complete sets of signed and sealed plans and one floor plan.


  3. A plot plan or survey.  This may be a simple drawing showing the property boundary line, the proposed building(s) and the distances to each front, side, and rear property lines.


  4. Driveway permit (applied for at the Zoning Division).


  5. If any portion of the home footprint lies within a designated flood hazard area, a flood permit will be required.  An elevation certificate, signed and sealed by a surveyor, is required prior to pouring the slab.  A final elevation certificate will be required at final inspection.


  6. If you are building an addition on property served by a septic system, please contact the Clay County Health Department to see if a septic tank permit is required. The Health Department can be reached at 904-278-3784.

If applying online, print, sign, scan, and email the application and required documentation to:

Important Notes

  1. All scans must be in .pdf format meeting a minimum of 300 dpi.


  2. If the home lies within a platted subdivision, a form board certification is required at slab inspection.


  3. A Notice of Commencement will be required on any job with a value equal to or greater than $2,500.Please bring a picture identification, such as a driver's license, if you require the services of a notary.

Approval Process

Once your permit has been processed, you will receive email confirmation that the permit has been approved or denied.  If payment was made online, you will receive the approved plan packet via email.  If the payment was made by mail or in person, you will receive your permit upon payment.

Payment Process

Payments are accepted online at the Online Payment link below.  To pay online, enter the building permit number and credit card information. Once submitted, an online receipt will generated.

Mailed payments should be sent to the address below:

Clay County Building Division
PO Box 1366
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

Payments in person should be made at the following address:

Clay County Building Division
477 Houston Street, 3rd Floor
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043