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Building Division

"The Clay County Building Division's mission is to serve customers with professionalism and efficiency through licensing, permitting and inspections to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our community."

Building Division FAQ's

bulletorangeicon.pngAccessory Structure Permits
bulletorangeicon.pngAddition Permits (Residential)
bulletorangeicon.pngAlarm Permits
bulletorangeicon.pngDemolition Permits
bulletorangeicon.pngElectrical Permits
bulletorangeicon.pngIrrigation Permits
bulletorangeicon.pngMechanical Permits
bulletorangeicon.pngMobile Home Permits
bulletorangeicon.pngPlumbing Permits
bulletorangeicon.pngPool Permits
bulletorangeicon.pngRoofing Permits
bulletorangeicon.pngScreened Enclosures/Home Additions Permits
bulletorangeicon.pngSiding Permits
bulletorangeicon.pngSign Permits

Click on the above referenced permit link for the procedure and applications. If you have any questions please contact the Clay County Building Division at (904) 269-6307 or email at